Silica Sand Grinding Mill

Silica sand vertical grinding mill machine controller controls the entire grinding process. In addition to the main functions such as starting and stopping all motors, it also monitors all the necessary safety functions. The mill throughput is automatically controlled on the basis of the motor loading during grinding in conjunction with the roll feeder. An optimized starting program enables the mill to reach the required nominal loading within a short time. Interfaces for operation, display, and process control are provided.


The vertical grinding mill machine is applied in the feed manufacturing industry for post- and pre-grinding operations. However, it is also suited to size reduction applications in the flour milling, oil milling, and food processing industries as well as in other production industries. Our machine occupies high quality with reasonable prices.

Low Maintenance Requirement

The use of high-grade materials and the optimized grinding chamber design reduce the maintenance requirement and wear. Integrated wear parts are fastened by bolts and are easy to exchange. The material is fed to the machine by a roller feeder with integrated gravity separator and ferrous matter separator to protect the machine.

High Operating Reliability

The silica sand vertical mill machine complies with all the current safety standards. All hazardous operations are provided with multiple protection. All safety functions are hardwired in the control cabinet of the vertical mill. The optimized grinding action reduces the noise of the machine to a low level of max.

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