Medium Speed Coal Mill

The manufacturer of medium speed coal mill is more in the market. Shanghai ZENITH is a professional manufacturer of medium speed coal mill, our ball mill, vertical mill, Naka Hayama and so is the quality of the milling equipment. Medium speed mill is one of the important milling equipment, it can not only be used to mill, also can be used for processing the gold, silver, copper, manganese, zinc ore, lead ore, marble, feldspar, granite, barite, graphite etc..This mill adopts German advanced-milling technology. Combining the characteristics of similar domestic products, it is a kind of new-typed moderating-speed coal mill, which is developed on the basis of RP.

Medium Speed Coal Mill Bring Benefits

  1. The concrete base fat required is only three instances of that of other similar machines as a result the construction costs is greatly reduced;
  2. Small vibration even though using and doesn't require shock-absorbing gadget;
  3. Large load adjustment scope, so it can run underneath numerous environments;
  4. Can bear quite sturdy explosion stress;
  5. There is gap amongst the grinding components ,it may begin with load or offload.

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