Feldspar Grinding Plant for Sale

Feldspar is extensively used in glassmaking, ceramics, and to some extent as a filler and extender in paint, plastics, and rubber. For producing glass or other application, feldspar will be grinded for fine size reduction. Feldspar grinding is important in material mixing, transporting, promoting physical properties and heat transfer, preprocessing for recovery of valuable materials. Ball mill is one kind of grinding machine; 

it grinds ores and other materials to a typical product size of 35 mesh or finer. It is a device in which media balls and the materials to be ground are placed in a grinding chamber. Because the structure of ball mills is simple and it is easy to operate, and so ball mill is extensively used in ultra-fine grinding activities in industrial production. ZENITH provides high performance feldspar grinding plant for sale.

Vertical Mill for Feldspar Grinding 

Vertical mill can be processed in dry or wet grinding applications. Dry grinding is sometimes performed to reduce the feldspar to less than 74 μm (200 mesh) for use in ceramics, paints, and tiles. Drying and grinding are often performed simultaneously by passing the dewatered cake through a rotating gas-fired cylinder lined with ceramic blocks and charged with ceramic grinding balls. Material processed in this manner must then be screened for size or air classified to ensure proper particle size.

Feldspar Grinding Plant for Sale

Feldspar grinding is the final stage in the size reduction process and prepares fine particle size for further processing or final applications. Feldspar grinding is energy consuming. Grinding is sometimes performed wet as this requires less energy, allowing energy savings of up to 30 % compared to dry grinding. In grinding, the particles are usually reduced by a combination of impact and abrasion of the ore by the free motion of grinding bodies such as steel rods, balls or pebbles in the mill.

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