Barite Grinding Machine

As for the processing flowchart of barite, it mainly can be divided into the crushing stage and grinding stage. Large barite stones first enter the jaw crusher to be crushed to smaller size. Then they are lift to the storage room by elevator. Later, vibrating feeder will feed smaller barite stones into the grinding chamber evenly and gradually. 

Barite Processing Flowchart

After being grinded, the powder will be blowed to cyclone by blower. Then the material will be transferred to storage room through pipes, and then will be discharged as final products. The whole process works in a negative pressure environment. 

First, through pipes, the air from the blower enters the cyclone collector above the storage room along with powder, and then returns to the blower through return pipe. 

In the way, air can be recycled. There is a powder locking equipment under the cyclone, which isolates the outside positive air pressure and the negative air pressure inside cyclone. And this ensures high productivity. 

In addition, the residual air and dust under the main unit will be transferred to dust catcher equipment through pipes and be cleaned there. The clean air will be discharged so that environment will be protected. 

Barite Grinding Machine

Barite grinding machine, also called heavy spar grinding machine, or barytes grinding mill, refers to the grinding machine used for producing barite powder. 

In the barite industry, LM Series vertical mill is often used as the barite grinding machine. In addition, it is designed with high-performance separator and optimized airflow ensures high separation efficiency and low pressure loss for energy savings. High-performance separator and optimized airflow ensure high separation efficiency and low pressure loss for energy savings.

Unusually large rollers permit coarse feed and ensure a thick grinding bed for maximum uptime. barite vertical mill is your best solution for barite powder industry.

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