Shanxi Carbon Calcination Post-calcination Coke Milling Production Line

The customer belongs to the industry of non-metallic mineral products, the company's business scope includes graphite electrodes, cathode carbon blocks, etc., set carbon products research and development, production, sales and export in one. After the equipment was running, the state was stable and the customer expressed great satisfaction.


Production Line Advantages

High Work Efficiency And Easy Installation

The equipment host adopts bevel gear overall transmission, high transmission efficiency, more compact structure, no need for reducer, installation and adjustment is more convenient, and the failure rate is greatly reduced.

Low Maintenance Costs

The use of unimpeded high wear-resistant air intake volute shell to improve the efficiency of air delivery in the mill while reducing material maintenance costs; The grinding roller seal adopts the innovative and practical labyrinth type and other multiple sealing designs to ensure the performance of the grinding roller and reduce maintenance costs.

Green And Environmentally Friendly, No Dust Spillage

The negative pressure system is adopted, no dust pollution, and the feeding system, grinding system and finished product delivery system are equipped with efficient dust collection device to achieve dust-free operation.

Higher Yield, Lower Noise

The use of professional customized fan to meet the customer's site requirements for the height of finished product transportation, effectively improve the output of the mill, reduce noise.

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