Asphalt Station Admixture Processing Project With annual Output Of 150,000 Tons

Project Details

Customers bought MTW175G milling machine, used for processing limestone 150 mesh product, for the use of asphalt mixing plant do admixture, equipment when a single production of 26-30 tons per hour, more importantly, through the long running of equipment to the stability of the strong performance, at the same time, also than before customer with 5R Raymond mill unit energy consumption is low, It has brought excellent economic benefits to customers.


Based on the good performance of the equipment and the customer's worry-free experience, the customer did not hesitate to choose Zenith again when purchasing the mobile crushing station in 2016. At present, the equipment of the mobile crushing station is in good operation and has also reached the high recognition of the customer.

MTW175G mill analysis machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, energy saving and high efficiency, to achieve the finished product from 80-600 mesh arbitrary adjustment;Adopt floating foundation, pulse dust collector, high efficiency fan, bypass collector, European air duct volute and other configurations.At the same time, the introduction of automatic lubrication system can realize the automatic refueling of the equipment without stopping, greatly improving the operational rate of the equipment and saving the maintenance time and cost.

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