LUM Ultrafine Vertical Mill

LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill is made as the foundation of LM vertical mill , which is ZENITH introduce the Germany ultrafine roll mill grinding technology, developed a new type superfine grinding equipment . LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill integrated grinding, drying, classifying and transportation as a whole production line and it only takes little space. This vertical roller mill has got high reputation from the worldwide customers for it can effectively reduce the investment costs.

Vertical Roller Mill In Cement Industry

Now, the cement industry, there have been mostly introduced cement vertical roller mill, used after a period of time, those who used LUM series vertical roller mill manufacturers, said it is really a great help to them, after using not only material finished product quality has been greatly improved, and the production efficiency is straight up, really the bottom line is. If you are engaged in the cement industry, if you still worry about milling equipment selection, can come to visit our factory LUM series of vertical grinding mill, will bring great help for your production.

  • The grinding curves of the roller shell and liner plate are uniquely designed based on the ultrafine pulverization principle. It allows enhanced material bed forming grinding efficiency and the increase in the ratio of finished powder product from the primary grinding.

  • Special structural design and operating principle of the mill ensures substantial reduction of vibration hence noise level.
    Hermetic seal ensures that the system operates under negative pressure. Therefore powder and dust are prevented from flowing out of the system The environment is clean, meeting the national environmental protection requirements

  • Vertical roller mill has high reliability, good stability, directly reduces the maintenance, repair, and thus directly reduces the cost of repair material expenditure. The normal production situation, vertical mill repair material cost is the most direct roll grinding, grinding and so easy to wear replacement and repair parts. But the roller wear to a certain extent, also can be turned to repeated use, to extend the using period of roll sleeve.