What Is The Effect Of Particle Size Of Grinding Material Too Large


1. Vibration

If the grinding material is too large, it will cause vibration in the grinding mill, cause serious wear of the lining plate of the grinding roller and grinding disc, and cause uneven grooves, cracks and broken edges. Since some larger materials are not spheres, the clamp angle will change. Although some irregular large materials can be embedded by the grinding roller, the grinding roller will be slightly jacked up due to its large particle size. Then, the vibration of the grinding roller will be very obvious under the action of the hydraulic system.

2. The Scraping Plate Becomes Loose And Falls Off

When starting with load, the resistance of the scraper is large, which makes the screw fixing the scraper loose. In serious cases, the scraper falls off and produces packing, which increases the load of the main machine of the vertical mill and trips, which can not work normally and the output decreases.

In addition, for the vertical grinding system, excessive vibration will greatly increase the dynamic load of parts, which is very harmful to all kinds of parts, resulting in frequent adverse working conditions such as increased wear of the lining plate of the grinding roller and grinding disc. In serious cases, it will be shut down for maintenance, resulting in a decline in output.

Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of slag grinding mill, the operator must strictly control the size of grinding materials, and must not be careless, so as to achieve the goal of high yield and high quality!

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