What Is The Development Trend Of Bentonite Market


Strengthen basic research and deep processing technology innovation of bentonite. Strengthen the research on the basic properties of bentonite and the innovative research and development of deep processing technology and equipment, accelerate the solution of the technical constraints on the development of China's Bentonite industry, improve China's bentonite deep processing technology and product quality control technology, and promote the development of processing equipment to large-scale and intelligent.

At the same time, attention should also be paid to the R & D and application of bentonite functional mineral materials. Because of its functional characteristics, bentonite has attracted much attention as an energy-saving and environment-friendly functional mineral material. At the same time, it also opens up a new space for the development of bentonite industry. In the future, the demand for bentonite in this field will increase day by day. Attention should be paid to the research and development of bentonite functional mineral materials to expand the application field and scope of bentonite.

In recent years, the output of organic bentonite products in China has increased year by year. At present, affected by the tightening of environmental protection policies, the fields of metallurgy, casting and drilling continue to be depressed, the consumption of bentonite also continues to decline, and the market demand is weak, but the demand in daily chemical fields such as bentonite litter is strong.

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