What Grinding Mill Is Used For Refractory Bricks


For making refractory bricks, the required powder particle size is not too fine, just choose the basic Raymond mill, which is cheap and can meet the demand. The output of Raymond mill is 8-176 tons, and the particle size of the finished product can be adjusted freely between 80-325 mesh. Its performance advantages are mainly:

1. The main transmission device of Raymond mill adopts sealed gear box and pulley, which has stable transmission and reliable operation;

2. Three-dimensional structure, small footprint, easy installation, and complete grinding system, which can independently complete the operation from stone to finished powder;

3. The sieving rate is as high as 99%, the finished product has uniform texture, adjustable fineness and good quality;

4. The wearing parts are all high manganese steel with long service life. The motor is a national standard product. The quality of the equipment is more reliable and the service life is long. The electrical system adopts centralized control. cost.

In addition to the pulverizer, the complete grinding production line also includes elevators, vibrating feeders, etc. The main difference in the price of the production line is the main machine of the pulverizer, and the difference in output, model and manufacturer will affect its price.

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