Reasons And Solutions Of Grinding Mill Vibration& Noise


Grinding mill is very important powder production equipment. Recent years, manufacturers all did much work in how to reduce the noise of grinding mill, but with the limitation of various factors, the vibration and noise of grinding mill do not get solved fundamentally. Vibration is the main reason that causes noise of grinding mill, so vibration control not only can protect equipment and operators from being harmed, but also can effectively reduce the noise pollution. In this article, we mainly talk about reasons and solutions about vibration and noise in grinding mill.

Reasons About Vibration And Noise Producing In Grinding Mill

The noise of grinding mill is not only related with the material, manufacturing and installation of spare parts, but also is closely related with the structure design of grinding mill. Here are the reasons about vibration and noise producing in grinding mill:

1. Improper structure design and not high working accuracy, which makes vibration and noise produced in grinding mill.

2. The deviation in the roller manufacturing causes the radial runout, leading to the unstable running of grinding mill, which cause the vibration. If the roller does not get adjusted, in the grinding process, the unstable operation will also produce noise.

3. The mismachining tolerance of roller and uneven material cause the unbalance of roller. And accordingly, the grinding mill will vibrate.

4. The low positioning accuracy of roller bearing level, the improper choose or adjustment of bearing, improper structure design of spare parts that matching the bearings will all reduce the rotation accuracy of bearing and its service life. In this case, the grinding mill works with load and its noise will also rise.

Besides, in the operation process, because of the uneven heat of roller and the grinding force, the roller will bend and deform. In this case, the grinding efficiency will decrease and the noise will rise.

Solutions About Vibration And Noise In Grinding Mill

The vibration and noise reduction solutions in grinding mill mainly carried out according to the structure design of grinding mill.

1. Optimize the design about roller bearing level. Adopt conical connection at the end of roller bearing and roller shaft in order to improve the rotation accuracy of roller and to reduce noise.

2. Improve the rigidity and strength of roller in order to avoid sympathetic vibration.

3. Strictly control the installation accuracy. While install the spare parts, operators should strictly follow the rules. Make sure the good lubrication of grinding mill in order to reduce noise.

4. Optimize the feeding device and the vibration of the main body.

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