Vertical Roller Mill For Cement Grinding


Thanks to the necessity to improve grinding efficiency and reduce operation costs, vertical mills have made their way into the cement industry. At first, these new systems were employed for the grinding of solid combustibles and kiln-feeding raw meal. 

In the past decade, however, the new generation of vertical mills has demonstrated to be a competitive solution for final cement grinding as well. The worldwide trend of rising energy costs will make the market share of vertical mills grow even further in the near future, probably becoming the main grinding system for   cement industry. 

Considering this important development in the cement grinding technology, ZENITH supply you an energy-saving cement mill for you, the LM series vertical mill. Practice has proved that ZENITH LM series vertical mill has played a great role in the cement industry and become an efficient money-making machine.

How To Work

Cement vertical roller mill made by ZENITH is an air-swept vertical ring-roll mill with an integral classification system. A vertical shaft rotates a “spider” assembly of arms from which is suspended free swinging journal assembly with rolls attached. 

As the unit turns, centrifugal force drives the rolls against the inner surface of the vertical grinding ring. Plows, rotating with the assembly, lift feeding materials from the mill bottom and direct it between the rolls and the grinding ring where it is pulverized. 

The mill operates under negative pressure conditions, thus minimizing mill maintenance and plant housekeeping problems, while maximizing the service life of major mechanical components.

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