Trends And Forecasts Within The Ultrafine Mill


In the future, the ultra-fine will be developed in the direction of nanometer level, and the research on the aspects of green environmental protection pollution and high production efficiency will be paid attention to in production and use.

The degree of utilization of various minerals depends on the degree of deep processing, including ultra-fine grinding powder, ultra-fine grade, fine purification and surface modification, among which effective ultra-fine grinding powder is the prerequisite and guarantee for various deep processing. Therefore, the development of ultrafine grinding technology determines the rational development and comprehensive utilization of mineral products to a certain extent.

With the development of ultra-fine powder technology, higher requirements are put forward for ultra-fine grinding technology, that is, to improve the grinding efficiency as much as possible on the premise of meeting the product particle size requirements. XZM ultra-fine grinding not only has a high degree of fineness, but also has a wide range of applications, which facilitates the requirements of people for grinding powder production in many fields. Simple configuration, small footprint, and greater benefits for many customers.

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