Graphite Properties And Uses


Due to its special properties, graphite is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear industry, national defense and other fields.

1) Refractory: in smelting industry, graphite crucible is made of graphite, which is used as protective agent for steel ingot and MgO-C brick for lining of smelting furnace.

2) Conductive materials: in the electrical industry, graphite is widely used as electrode, brush, rod, carbon tube and TV picture tube coating.

3) Wear resistant materials and lubricants: in many mechanical equipment, graphite is used as wear-resistant and lubricating material, which can slide at the speed of 100ms in the temperature range of - 200 ~ 2000 ℃, with little or no lubricating oil.

4) Sealing material: flexible graphite is used as piston ring gasket and sealing ring of centrifugal pump, water turbine, steam turbine and equipment conveying corrosive medium.

5) Corrosion resistant materials: graphite is used as utensils, pipes and equipment, which can resist the corrosion of various corrosive gases and liquids. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, hydrometallurgy and other departments.

6) Heat insulation, high temperature resistance and radiation protection materials: graphite can be used as neutron decelerator in nuclear reactor, nozzle of rocket, nose cone of missile, aerospace equipment parts, heat insulation material, radiation protection material, etc.

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