The Reason Of The Material Blocking


After the rotary valve is blocked, it is very dangerous and laborious to clean up, which seriously restricts production. The causes and treatment methods of blockage mainly include the following items:

Blocked Stones

The rotary valve of the vertical mill sometimes gets stuck in large stones, causing the rotary valve body to not move, but the special function of the sliding coupling makes the motor jump and stop immediately, causing the grinding belt to continue to run and block the material. The main solution to this problem is Reduce the bulk into the grinding material. In normal production, there are not many clogging due to mechanical failure of the air lock valve, but the possibility is not ruled out. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to its maintenance and inspection in normal times, and timely find problems and deal with them in time.

Material Viscosity Is High

The raw material is ground into the grinding material by a variety of components, each component has different moisture and viscosity. The surface layer of limestone mined in the early days of the mine has a high content of non-limestone materials. This batch of materials has small particles and strong viscosity. It is easy to accumulate when the moisture is large.

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