The Purpose Of Reducing The Size Of Ore


Obtain The Size Or Surface Area Required For The Use Of The Ore Or Material:

For this purpose, the rock is broken in the  process. Generally, the necessary filling material in road, construction, asphalt works and raw materials to be used in cement production are prepared.

Separating The Different Minerals Contained In The Ore, Making One Free From The Other:

The upper dimension in which the grains are separated as a result of the downsizing process is defined as the liberalization size.

It is the crushing and grinding process for the separation of minerals, which are especially compounded, in order to enrich ores containing one or more precious minerals and unwanted impurities together.

To Provide The Size Or Surface Area Required For The Enrichment Stage To Be Applied:

The liberalization size may not always be sufficient for enrichment. It may be necessary to transport a liberalized mineral to the surface with foam following to the flotation, to use the enriched ore in the next stage, or to re-grind the produced concentration for further enrichment.

The re-grinding process of grinded ore to fine-sized ore is named for “regrinding”, “fine grinding “or “re-grinding”.

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