The Processing Project Of Asphalt Station Blending Agent In Anhui


The customer bought a MTW215G from our company, which is used to process limestone 150 mesh products, which is used as admixture for the asphalt mixing plant. The equipment can produce 35-40 tons/hour per hour. More importantly, the equipment has passed the long-term The operation reflects extremely strong stable performance, and at the same time, it is also much lower than the previous 5R Raymond mill used by the customer in terms of unit energy consumption, which brings excellent economic benefits to the customer. Based on the good performance and satisfactory service of the equipment, when the customer purchased the mobile crushing plant in 2019, he did not hesitate to choose ZENITH again. At present, the equipment of the mobile plant is operating well, and it has also reached the high recognition of customers.

The raw material warehouse adopts an underground silo, which eliminates the cumbersome procedures of frequent feeding by forklifts; the frequency conversion belt feeder and the equipment host current line are interlocked in real time to ensure that the equipment is carried out in the best condition; the main equipment adopts a cage mill Powder machine, single machine has high output, low unit energy consumption, reliable performance, safety, energy saving and environmental protection. The whole system adopts assembly line operation, and the mill site realizes unmanned and dust-free operation.

MTW215G mill main machine and analysis machine adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which is energy-saving and high-efficiency; the analysis machine can choose two configurations of cage type and disc type to realize the arbitrary adjustment of the finished product from 80-400 mesh. At the same time, the introduction of an automatic lubrication system can realize automatic refueling of the equipment without stopping, greatly improving the operability of the equipment, saving maintenance time and maintenance costs; the addition of a super counterweight at the bottom of the main engine further improves the rigidity of the main engine and ensures the stability of the equipment.

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