The Difference Between Talc And Calcium Carbonate In Modification


Both talcum powder and calcium carbonate are used for filling, the purpose is to:

1. Increase dimensional stability (that is, decrease in shrinkage),

2. Increase the stiffness of the material,

3. Increase the heat resistance of the material,

4. Reduce material costs and other aspects.

But It Also Has Its Shortcomings

1. Density increases,

2. If it is not used well, the impact toughness will decrease.

3. The luster of the material has decreased.

Talcum powder has the same particle size distinction as calcium carbonate, generally 300 meshes, 600 meshes, 800 meshes, 1250 meshes and 2500 meshes. Of course, there are finer ones. Generally, 800 meshes and 1250 meshes can be selected for plastics. Two, this can maximize the performance/price ratio.

Regarding the difference between talcum powder and calcium carbonate:

1. The shape of talcum powder is flake, so it has higher rigidity, dimensional stability and heat resistance temperature, and it has good reinforcement effect.

2. Calcium carbonate is generally granular, so its stiffness and other aspects are not as good as talc, but its price is lower, and its whiteness is high, and it has little impact on plastic impact toughness.

3. Talc has a nucleation effect on polypropylene, while calcium carbonate has no obvious effect in this respect.

4. Calcium carbonate can generally be divided into light calcium carbonate and heavy calcium carbonate, but talc powder does not have this distinction, talc powder is ground from natural minerals.

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