The Advantages Of Superfine Vertical Mill In The Production Of Calcium Carbonate


Heavy calcium carbonate is ground from natural carbonate minerals (such as calcite, marble, limestone). It is a commonly used powder filler and is widely used in paper-making, plastics, rubber, paint, coatings, adhesives, sealants and other industries . At present, equipment in the mining industry is constantly being updated, and customers who are preparing to enter the industry see more and more milling equipment. The milling equipment of Zenith Group mainly includes Raymond mills, ring roller mills, ball mills, and ultra-fine vertical mills. Type mill and so on. So, which equipment is suitable for grinding heavy calcium carbonate?

Raymond mill mainly processes powder products of 200 ~ 400 mesh, and is the mainstream equipment for processing powder products below 325 mesh. The classifier can process 800 mesh products, but the output is small.

The ring roller mill is mainly used for processing 800-1500 mesh products, which has the advantage of low energy consumption, but the single machine production capacity is not large.

The ball mill plus the ultra-fine grade machine can process 600-2500 mesh ultra-fine powder at a time. The single machine has a large production capacity and stable performance, but the energy consumption is slightly higher.

The vertical mill has the characteristics of large independence, stable operation, high output, stable product quality, and low energy consumption (30%-40% higher than the energy efficiency of the ball mill).

The LUM ultra-fine vertical mill is a new type of mill based on the mill. It belongs to the grinding type with a high degree of strengthening of the mill. The direct improvement of the vertical mill is to increase the high-pressure spring system of the grinding roller part. The ultra-fine vertical mill is wider than the traditional mill, with finer particle size and higher grinding efficiency.

The improved dust removal system is more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and low power consumption than the previous mill. The electrical system of the ultra-fine vertical mill adopts centralized control, which has a better automation level. The vibrating feeder is small in size, light in weight, uniform in feeding, energy saving, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. The analyzer adopts an adjustable control system. Reduce power consumption and maintenance costs.

The dust-proof standard of the mill has reached the national standard, and the grinding device also adopts a more advanced laminated sealing setting method, which can actually greatly improve the sealing performance of the equipment. With good sealing performance, the LUM ultra-fine vertical mill has a greater advantage in the grinding work.

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