Switching Sequence of Ultrafine Mill


On The Whole, The Starting Sequence Of The Ultrafine Mill Is

Bucket elevator-crusher-classifier-fan-main unit-belt feeder;

The shutdown sequence is: Belt feeder-main unit-blower-classifier.

However, in the process, some knowledge must be paid attention to.

Preparation Before Starting

Before starting the mill, check whether all inspection doors are tightly closed, adjust the rotation of the fan and main shaft, and the exhaust valve should be in the fully open position. After starting the main engine, feed the material immediately (the fine particles should be added first, and then the normal material), and then open the large air volume valve. The exhaust valve should be closed as small as possible under the premise that the feed port is not sprayed outward. Then adjust the fineness of the finished product. Before starting the crusher and bucket elevator, check whether the gap of the crusher meets the size of the feed particle size, and adjust the speed of the classifier to achieve the approximate product size requirement.

Matters Need Attention During The Operation Of The Mill

The ultrafine mill is not allowed to refuel at will during normal operation. To ensure production safety, abnormal noise in any part of the ultrafine mill or sudden increase in load should be shut down immediately for inspection and troubleshooting to avoid major accidents. The remaining material in the mill must be taken out when the machine is turned on again, whether the current is too large when the machine is turned on, which will affect the start-up. In addition, regarding the elevator transport materials to the silo, stop the crusher first and then stop the bucket elevator, this  should be changed as per the storage volume of silo.

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