Solution: Abnormal Sound During Ball Mill Operation


During the normal operation of the ball mill, the sound is crisp and regular, but if the grinding sound changes from crisp to low, or even disappears, we should pay attention to it. For abnormal sound of ball mill, you can refer to the following aspects:

1. When the ball mill is running, there is a regular knocking sound, and the sound is very loud. Some lining plate bolts are not tightened. When the ball mill rotates, the lining plate knocks the grinding cylinder of the ball mill. Judge the position of ball mill lining plate according to the sound, find out the loose bolts and fasten them separately.

2. Abnormal operation sound of ball mill reducer. The sound of normal operation of ball mill reducer shall be uniform and stable. If there is slight knocking sound and hoarse friction sound of the gear and there is no obvious change during operation, continue to observe and find out the cause. Stop the ball mill for treatment. If the sound is getting louder and louder, stop the ball mill immediately for inspection.

3. The operation sound is dull, the discharge volume is reduced, and the hourly production is too low. The solution is to timely adjust the feeding amount and feeding particle size, reduce the material moisture, clean the grate, adjust the proportion of grinding body, stop the machine, replace the compartment plate, adjust the length of each compartment, adjust the circulating load, and overhaul the powder concentrator.

If the above conditions are found, the ball mill shall be stopped immediately and maintained accordingly, so as to make the mill operate normally and achieve the purpose of reducing cost and increasing efficiency!

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