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The grinding roller is the core component of the vertical mill, and the vertical mill mainly grinds the powder through the roller.

Roller Device Advantages

Preventive Measures For Vertical Grinding Roller Wear

Use The Correct Assembly Method

When assembling, the size of the bearing should first be tested and checked to ensure that it is completely correct before the next operation can be prepared; then a certain protective treatment should be carried out to ensure that no contaminants such as dust and water will enter.

During the assembly process, always pay attention to the time and temperature. Different grinding rollers require different time and temperature. The oxide cortex produced by heating must be cleaned up. At this time, the staff must wear special gloves for operation. Prevent accidents such as burns.

After the assembly is completed, the inspection should be continued to prevent the gap between the inner bearing and the outer diameter from increasing, which would seriously affect the grinding roller.

The Amount Of Lubricating Oil Should Be Sufficient And The Category Should Be Good

The lubricating oil is of good quality and cost-effective in order to achieve certain benefits. It is best to use industrial oil with high viscosity and good stability. At the same time, reduce the temperature of the bearing, adjust it to a suitable temperature and increase the oil pressure, and ensure the bearing lubrication .

At the same time, the amount of oil should be reasonable to reduce the running-in between the grinding roller and the bearing, prevent the damage of the bearing, affect the operation of the machine, and reduce its service life.

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