MTW Series Environmentally Mill - an Expert In The Field Of Desulfurization


As we all know, limestone powder is an indispensable raw material in the desulfurization process of power plants. The fineness, particle size and quality of limestone powder directly affect the desulfurization effect. Therefore, the selection of suitable limestone mill equipment plays a key role in the entire desulfurization process. effect.

At present, environmental problems such as large amount of dust in the desulfurization process generally exist in the market, which has caused serious pollution of the atmosphere, rivers and other ecological environments. Acid rain has become more and more serious, causing great harm to the surrounding environment and human health. Therefore, green and environmentally-friendly milling equipment has become a trend in the market.

Through market investigation, Zenith Group has developed an environmentally mill MTW European version trapezoidal mill, which has optimized and upgraded traditional mill equipment and achieved a major breakthrough in environmental protection. 

Good Quality Of Finished Products And High Production Efficiency

The MTW European version of the mill adopts a unique curved blade design, which increases the effective working area and greatly improves production efficiency; the MTW European version of the mill uses a unique air seal device to effectively prevent "rough powder". The quality of finished products is also effectively controlled.

Environmental Protection And No Pollution

MTW European version mill adopts bevel gear integral transmission, the structure is more compact, and the floor space is smaller; at the same time, MTW European version mill is also equipped with a professional dust collector, which has high dust removal efficiency and low emission concentration, which is more conducive to achieving Environmental requirements.

Wearing Parts Is More Wear-resistant And The Utilization Rate Is Higher

The MTW European version of the mill adopts a wear-resistant alloy roller grinding ring jointly developed by Zenith Group and scientific research institutions. The service life is 1.7-2.5 times that of the traditional high manganese steel; some of the wearing parts adopt split design. More effectively save the cost of wearing parts.

At the beginning of the design, the environmentally MTW mill fully considers the needs of desulfurization and pulverization, taking into account environmental protection and energy saving, and can be closely matched with other desulfurization equipment. With extremely high efficiency and reliable performance, it stands out in the field of desulfurization.

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