LUM Vertical Roller Mill For Gypsum Processing Production


With the continuous development of milling technology, the application of various high fineness gypsum powder in industry is also extended to smelting, power plant desulfurization and other industries. At present, the high fine desulfurization gypsum powder processed by LUM series ultrafine vertical mill is gradually becoming an essential desulfurization raw material in power plant desulfurization and steel plant desulfurization environmental protection measures.

Compared with natural gypsum, FGD gypsum has higher water content, generally about 10%, and poor fluidity; The taste is higher, generally about 90%; It exists as a single crystal particle, and its coarse particle is gypsum after grinding, which requires more advanced pulverizing equipment than natural gypsum processing equipment.

According to the development trend of low-carbon and environmental protection and the fineness requirements of desulfurization gypsum powder, LUM series ultrafine vertical mill improves the traditional powder equipment, and the particle size of finished gypsum powder can reach 3500 mesh. Because the higher the fineness of desulfurizer, the more active it is, the gypsum powder processed by superfine grinding machine has better desulfurization effect

In addition, the ultrafine vertical mill occupies a small space,has good sealing performance, the analyzer is easy to adjust, has high efficiency and low power consumption, the grinding ring and roller are worn evenly, and its service life is 3-5 times that of ordinary Raymond mill. It can efficiently process more than 300 kinds of materials with certain humidity in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic ore and other industries.

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