Limestone Powder For Asphalt Concrete


The addition of limestone powder to concrete as an admixture has become a hot spot and development trend in the asphalt concrete industry in the future.

1. The main chemical components of mineral powder are CaO, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, etc., which play a filling role in the asphalt mixture, and the purpose is to reduce the voids of the asphalt concrete. It is sometimes called filler, which can reduce the amount of cement, Improve the workability of concrete and reduce the heat of hydration.

2. Mineral powder and asphalt together form asphalt mortar, which can improve the strength and stability of asphalt concrete.

3. The content of mineral powder is usually expressed by the powder-oil ratio. The larger the powder-oil ratio, the stronger the high-temperature rutting resistance of asphalt concrete, and the smaller the powder-oil ratio, the better the low-temperature crack resistance of the concrete.

4. After concrete is mixed with ground mineral powder, it can delay the hydration speed of the cementitious material and prolong the setting time of concrete. This property is beneficial to the transportation and construction of concrete in high temperature season.

You may wonder how to make this kind of limestone powder, here is the processing for your reference;

MTW series grinding mill processing flowchart:

LM Series vertical roller mill Processing flowchart:

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