Key Questions And Tips For Slag Ball Mill Capacity


Each supplier and repair company might focus on slag ball mill capacity. How can you improve the capacity?

The main factors include:

Slag Grinding Application

Slag cement can be ground in combined grinding or by separate grinding of slag and cement clinker with subsequent mixing. In combined grinding the slag component will end up in the coarser fraction of the product as slag usually is harder to grind than the cement clinker.

This will in particular be the case in open circuit grinding. Although this phenomenon is somewhat reduced in closed circuit grinding systems, the hard slag component will still be concentrated in the circulation load, and hence have a steeper particle size distribution than the clinker component.

The distribution of grinding energy to the slag component and to the clinker component respectively, which can not be controlled in combined grinding, may not be the optimum with respect to energy expenditure and product quality. More energy spent on the slag and less on the clinker would be more beneficial with respect to  late strength and the grinding energy consumed.

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