How To Solve The High Temperature Of Raymond Mill


Raymond mill is widely used milling equipment and an important equipment for processing non-metallic minerals. With the continuous development of the powder industry, the market's requirements for Raymond mill are also constantly improving. In order to meet the requirements of different fields, it has been innovated in the direction of high reliability, energy saving and automation.

Raymond mills sometimes experience excessive temperature during operation, such as excessive heating of bearings and motor fans. In fact, these are not big problems. When encountering this problem, we don't need to worry or panic. First, we should find out why the temperature is too high, and then solve it.

Raymond Mill Cooling Method

1. Check whether the viscosity of the oil meets the requirements and whether the extension pipeline is unblocked.

2. If the bearing temperature is too high, open and clean the bearing and other accessories in time, and it should not exceed 70 degrees under normal circumstances.

3. High wind pressure may cause the fan to heat up. Sometimes when the equipment is working, it may accidentally touch the fan equipment, which will change the air pressure of the fan and cause the motor to heat up, so remember when the mill is working, do not touch the equipment randomly.

4. The bearings of the grinding ring and roller should be refueled regularly. In addition, the powder feed bearing of the grinding roller device should not only be refueled in time, but also be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis.

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