How To Operate Raymond Mill Correctly


We have always heard of the details to determine the success or failure. The daily operation of Raymond Mill is also true. Correct and reasonable operation procedures and detailed details can help the mill to produce more efficiently and with a longer service life. Long, below, Zenith Group will explain to you the details of Raymond Mill's attention.

First, Raymond Mill users should pay attention to the manufacturers to arrange professional technical training personnel, hand over the operation process, precautions, troubleshooting methods, etc. After the training, Raymond mill users should arrange professional and technical personnel to take care of, as far as possible Trained personnel or experienced staff, so as to avoid accidents in daily work and cause problems.

Second, after purchasing Raymond Mill, it is necessary to formulate effective management rules and regulations, and regularly check and repair the machine. In addition, after the mill runs for a period of time, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, especially the grinding ring and the grinding roller. The wearing parts of the blade are generally replaced if the grinding roller is not used for more than 500 hours. The maximum scrapping limit is 10mm. If the wear is serious, it is still in production, and it is prone to accidental failure. When the roller is replaced, the rolling bearing inside the roller sleeve should be thoroughly cleaned, and then a new lubricant should be added. The damaged parts should be replaced in time.

Third, the fineness of the finished product should also be controlled. The uneven thickness is not good for the machine. The speed of the analyzer is the key to control the fineness of the finished product. The user adjusts itself according to the fineness requirement.

Fourth, we must have the correct Raymond mill start-up and shutdown process. We must first open the equipment to put the materials, the sequence of the equipment components when the machine is started, and so on. It is an effective way to maintain the mill accessories and prolong the service life. The equipment should be cleaned up during shutdown, especially in the grinding chamber.

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