Grinding Activated Carbon Process


Activated carbon is a very wide use of industrial adsorbents. Future development should be more diverse types of substances in the activated carbon adsorption, the adsorption capacity of more and more versatile. Well, the high quality activated carbon processing equipment is essential.

Activated Carbon Uses

Activated Carbon Grinding Equipment

XZM series ultrafine mill makes an important contribution to promote the upgrade of coal industry and the environmental protection idea spread. XZM ultrafine mill provides more possibility for the application of active carbon. It can grind the active carbon power with diverse size. The appearance of XZMultrafine mill has opened a broad tomorrow for the active carbon development.

Grinding Activated Carbon Process

After crushing, the activated carbon material is ground in XZM ultrafine mill. In the grinding mills, the effect with the minerals grinding against each other and against the steel balls within the mill breaks down the size on the minerals even further.

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