Global Kaolin Resources And Production


Kaolin is an important non-metallic mineral resource, which is mainly composed of tiny flake, tubular, and laminated kaolinite cluster minerals (kaolinite, dickite, perlite, halloysite, etc.) smaller than 2 microns. It is widely used in ceramics, papermaking, coatings, rubber, plastics, catalysts, adhesives, agricultural carriers and other fields.

Global Kaolin Reserves And Distribution

kaolin is rich in global reserves, but the quality of kaolin in different regions is quite different, and the application fields are also different. At present, the world's proven reserves are about 32 billion tons, mainly distributed in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Brazil, the former CIS and other countries and regions.

Among them, the United States ranks first with 8.2 billion tons of reserves. Kaolin mines in the United States mainly come from an 800-kilometer-long high-quality kaolin mine belt in Georgia, with reserves of up to 7.9 billion tons. Georgia is also the most important kaolin production area in the United States.

China's kaolin resource reserves are close to 3.5 billion tons, which is among the highest in the world.

Global Kaolin Production

Worldwide, the production of kaolin is concentrated, mainly in the United States, Germany, India, the Czech Republic, China, Brazil and other countries. The output of the top ten kaolin producing countries in 2018 accounted for about 76% of the total global production, of which the United States is the world's largest kaolin producing country with an output of 7.3 million tons.

Kaolin produced in Georgia, USA, has fine particle size and high natural whiteness. It is an important production base for coating-grade kaolin in the world.

Germany, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom are traditional kaolin producing countries. In recent years, they have maintained a relatively high output, but high-quality resources are gradually depleted.

The kaolin mines in Brazil are concentrated, mainly located in the tributary areas of the Amazon River. The raw ore contains high ore content, and the minerals are of good natural quality. They are natural flakes and can be used as paint-grade kaolin. The output has increased rapidly in recent years.

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