Five Factors Affecting Fineness Of Grinding Mill


1. Grinding Ore Hardness

Different ores have different hardness, which is determined by the nature of ores and directly affects the grinding difficulty and fineness of ores. Although the hardness of the ore can not be changed, we can make the ore as uniform as possible through reasonable ore blending, so as to achieve reasonable and uniform grinding fineness.

2. Adjustment Of Crushing Particle Size And Sieve Hole

Grinding production line is generally equipped with crusher equipment, first crushing the material and then grinding, so the particle size of the broken material also affects the grinding fineness. Therefore, we must supervise the crushing system to ensure that the material with uniform particle size is crushed, and the finer the particle size is, the better, so as to avoid affecting the performance of the mill due to the uneven size of the material.

3. Height And Size Of Classifier Opening

In many grinding production lines, the size of classifier opening is not adjusted properly when the equipment is installed, and the workers do not pay attention to it during operation, which also affects the grinding operation and grinding fineness. Therefore, in the installation and production, we must pay attention to check the size and height of the classifier opening.

4. The Classifier Blade Is Worn

The blades of the classifier directly affect the working performance of the mill. After the blades are worn, the relative amount of return sand will be reduced, resulting in the coarsening of grinding fineness. Moreover, if the blades are severely worn, it will directly affect the service life of the classifier, and then affect the overall performance of the mill. Therefore, when working, it is necessary to check the blade wear regularly and replace the worn blade in time.

5. Lifting Height Of Classifier Spindle

In normal grinding production, the main shaft of classifier is required to be put in place. In some concentrators, due to the materials in the classifier are not cleaned up, the long-time settling will cause the material to be more solid, which will cause the main shaft of the classifier not to be put in place, and then reduce the amount of return sand. In addition, the main shaft of the classifier has not been put in place, which may be because the main shaft has not been cleaned and oiled for a long time, so more attention should be paid in the process of operation, and regular cleaning should be carried out.

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