Efficient Processing For Slag Industries


Processing of slag material is tricky. An easy solution to this problem is the MTM trapezium mill designed by ZENITH.  Throughout its decades-long history, this machine has solved customer challenges in numerous industries. So, what can the versatile trapezium mill do for you?

MTM Trapezium Mill

Overcome The Defects Of Traditional Industrial Mills

This series of equipment adopts a number of advanced technologies such as trapezoidal working surface, flexible connection, and continuous pressurization of grinding rollers, which have greatly improved the scope of application, output, fineness, energy consumption, and service life.

Good Performance Improves The Slag Processing Effect

This series of milling equipment has a variety of models, and MTM130 is the one with the largest output and the highest efficiency. Blast furnace slag is processed into various slag powders for the production of cement, slag bricks, glass-ceramics, lightweight concrete aggregates, heat insulation, heat preservation materials, etc., which not only solves the problem of industrial waste pollution, but also brings greater income.

In addition to these two features, trapezoidal mills have the following significant performance advantages:

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