Calcium Carbonate Grinding Process


Heavy calcium carbonate powder is used as filler for man-made materials, natural rubber, coating plastics, cosmetics, etc. It is currently one of the most widely used inorganic filler masterbatches, which can effectively reduce the cost of products in the production process and improve the overall product performance. Therefore, to effectively improve the quality of heavy calcium carbonate powder, calcium carbonate grinding equipment is the key.

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Process

Generally, vertical roller mill is used to grind raw materials. The grinding process is divided into three steps: crushing, grinding and dust removal. Generally, heavy calcium powder will be divided into three types: coarse grinding, fine grinding, and superfine grinding according to the original average particle size.

From the perspective of parameters, after being ground by heavy calcium powder grinding equipment. Below 400 mesh is coarse powder, 400-600 mesh is ordinary powder, 600-800 mesh is fine powder, 800-1250 mesh is superfine powder, and ultrafine powder is above 1250 mesh.

Calcium Carbonate Powder Production Process

In general, heavy calcium powder is produced by dry and wet two methods. Heavy calcium powder below 2500 mesh is mainly produced by dry method, and heavy calcium powder above 2500 mesh is mainly produced by wet method.

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