Advantages of Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill against Ball Mill


With the continuous research and development of milling equipment, ultrafine vertical roller mills have become the ideal equipment to replace traditional ball mills. Compared with ball mill, vertical roller mill has many advantages:


Comparison between Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill and Ball Mill
Comparison item Ultrafine vertical roller mill Ball mill
Energy consumption Lower power consumption: depending on the abrasiveness of raw materials and product particle size, when compared with ball mills, power costs can be reduced by 30%~50% High power consumption
Product flexibility High-efficiency and flexible control product categories: it can produce ultra-fine powders with a specific surface area of ​​9,500 (d97 = 20 μm) ~ 25,000 (d97 = 10 μm) cm2/g at one time The ball mill can only use the steel ball to fix the ratio to produce a single product
Drying capacity Higher drying capacity: the new roller mill can introduce a larger air flow, and can transport and dry feed materials with higher water content When the ball mill grinds wet raw materials, because of the limited air flow through the ball mill, additional drying equipment is usually installed in front of the ball mill
Equipment configuration space Small, occupying only 50~70% of the space of the ball sander Occupies a lot of space
Feed particle size Larger feed particle size: The feed particle size depends on the diameter of the grinding roller, and the larger particle size raw materials can be directly fed without excessive crushing. The ball mill is limited by its maximum steel ball diameter and can only feed smaller raw materials
Product fineness Better final product: LUM roller mill uses higher and adjustable grinding pressure to produce a large amount of fine powder The particle size distribution of the product produced by the ball mill is usually low in the proportion of fine powder, which depends on the grinding machine.
Particle size distribution The top of the ultra-fine vertical mill is equipped with the most advanced horizontal air flow classifier, which can produce products with higher selectivity. Compared with the traditional classifier used in the ball mill, it has a steeper particle size distribution
Product conversion time Can convert different raw materials on the same mill in a very short time to produce different products Need longer cleaning time
Contamination by abrasive materials High, high whiteness due to no abrasive media wear Low whiteness due to abrasive media wear
Grinding efficiency High grinding efficiency and low wear: LUM vertical roller grinder uses high-pressure wheel method to grind materials The ball mill uses the collision friction method, so the grinding efficiency of the ball mill is low
Initial investment cost Slightly higher than ball mill Slightly superior to ultra-fine vertical mill
Operating costs The operating cost is very low, because there is no grinding media consumption and low power consumption High operating cost due to grinding media consumption and high power consumption
Noise The noise in the workshop is much lower than that of the ball mill High
Product whiteness Whiteness is high If steel balls are used as grinding media, the whiteness is low
Product particle shape Slightly poor sphericity Better sphericity
Sensitivity to external conditions Sensitive to metal foreign bodies The ball mill is less susceptible to external conditions

All above aspects have been proved by Shanghai ZENITH Company's engineers after many years' research. So ultrafine vertical roller mill plays much better role than ball mill in ultrafine powder making industries. Now more and more customers are choosing ZENITH ultrafine vertical roller mill for their production.

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