Vertical Mill Occupy Large-volume Grinding And Processing Market


At present, the most widely used large-scale pulverizer in China is a vertical mill. This type of pulverizer can achieve precise grinding and has a large production volume. It is the first choice for customers in large-scale submerged operations at home and abroad.

The super-pressure trapezoidal mill produced by Zenith and the updated product European version of the super-pressure trapezoidal mill have basically replaced the traditional ball mill. With the emergence of Zenith's large-scale vertical mills, it also brings new business opportunities to coal and other areas of grinding processing that are in large demand.

Vertical mills have strict requirements on materials and operating environment, and are not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Improving the fuel quality and combustion degree of thermal power plants is not only the need to improve the economic benefits of thermal power plants, but also the need to reduce pollutant emissions and protect the ecological environment. From the grinding form of the roller grinding ring to the design of the pressurizing system, all of them reflect a higher level of technical concepts. 

The high-pressure suspension roller mill is the first-generation high-pressure mill product based on the improvement of the Raymond mill. The added high-pressure spring improves the grinding fineness while ensuring the stability of the equipment’s efficiency. Therefore, the use of appropriate Zenith mill equipment for mine equipment treatment of burning coal can not only greatly increase the utilization rate of coal, but also has huge advantages in energy saving, environmental protection, and economic benefits. The ladder type mill is also improved based on the working principle of the Raymond mill, but in the process of research and development, the use performance of the high-pressure suspension roller mill is used for reference.

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